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Eclipse Of The Heart

A Graphics and Picspam Community
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Graphics, tutorials, picspams, requests.
Hello! My name is Theresa and I own this community. I designed this community so I could share my graphics. I make icons, banners, animations and wallpapers. I occasionally let other members post their art too, but they need my permission =) Im thinking of posting stuff like fanmixes and stuff like that too.

I am willing to take requests so just ask, unless otherwise specified. I don't do request posts as they aren't very popular so just pm me or comment! :)

About Me:
As you know, my name is Theresa, I live in England and work as a primary school teacher. I have been using Photoshop since I was 15. Aside from making graphics, I love to write and draw, watch movies and go out with friends. The usual :D

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The name:
How did I come up with Serene Eclipse? Well I love the idea of an eclipse. I think they are visually beautiful. They symbolise a new beginning to me. And that symbolism is very special to me, like every year is a new chapter. Not only are they beautiful but they seem quite fragile, isolated, serene. Hence the name!

This community is members only because I wanted to be able to post my art in a safe environment. That means, no posting elsewhere, proper credit and asking before taking. I want to be able to share my art and have people enjoy it, but these works take time and I do want to be appreciated. :) I hope you enjoy my art and enjoy seeing it.

I'm also doing picspams on my journal, but occasionally I'll have some help with that. I usually like to colour my pics before doing a picspam, therefore if you use the editted pictures a little credit would be nice. But I won't take credit for the pictures of course.

Please join, enjoy the art and pictures and if you have any questions get in touch.

-Always credit me as misst89 when using my art. SEE BELOW in HOW to credit.
-Do NOT edit my graphics.
-No hotlinking. Don't save the link of my graphics, right click and save.
- No Bashing of my fandoms or my graphics AT ALL.
- Be nice and we'll get along!

How to Credit:
Please credit me as misst89 @ serene_eclipse so that people won't friend me to see my icons.

GRAPHIC AWARDS see them here

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